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Fuller Focus article "David Allan Hubbard Library Opens" Spring 2009

The David Allan Hubbard Library was dedicated on Monday, May 18, 2009.

Named for past Fuller Theological Seminary president David Allan Hubbard, the building greatly enhances the ability of the library to serve students, faculty and guests.  It will allow Fuller to more than double the collection of books and other media, augment essential archives, and offer the study space and technological capabilities the Fuller community desperately needs.  Most important, the Hubbard Library will respond to a changing world by documenting the history and movement of evangelical thought, with an emphasis on the voices of developing evangelical churches in the Two-Thirds World. 

�We want it to be a �library of the future��a center that offers a way of connecting us with the global Christian community, and of connecting the global Christian community to us.�
President Richard J. Mouw
�President Hubbard embraced some revolutionary ideas that have forever changed us; may we never walk past this building without remembering, with gratitude, who David Allan Hubbard was.�
Trustee Jody Vanderwel
�One of our trustees has said that David Allan Hubbard was a man of 'unlimited peripheral vision'�and we believe this library will be a place of unlimited peripheral vision.�
Associate Provost for Library Services David Bundy
Architect: William McDonough + Partners General Contractor: DPR construction

Timeline of Construction Progress

Floor Plan of the Library
November 20, 2006 The Pasadena City Council approves the Fuller Theological Seminary Pasadena campus master plan, including the location for the Hubbard Library.  It will extend south from the present building to Union Street.  News Release
May 21, 2007 Ground Breaking Ceremony.  News Release
August 16, 23, 2007 Existing building moved from construction site.
September 2007 Installation of underground electrical infrastructure.
"A new library for Fuller Theological Seminary" by Howard Wilson, the Semi, Sept. 24, 2007
November 2007 Electricity re-routed.
Perimeter supports placed in ground, preparing for the excavation of the basement.
December 2007 Basement dug down two stories.  Cement steps removed from south side of existing building with jack hammers.
February 2008 Reinforced concrete foundation poured.
March-April 2008 Concrete floors, walls, and columns for two basements poured.
May 2008 Ground floor concrete poured.
June 2008 Steel structure for three above ground floors built.
August 2008 Interior walls being constructed.  Exterior cement walls added.
October 2008 Windows being added.  Interior work continues, including information access services desk, bathrooms, study rooms, painting.
Nov. 2008 Redwood entrance.  Landscaping started, and front ramps, steps.  Metal work for 3rd floor balcony added.  Compact shelving installed in basements.
Dec. 2008 Shelving installed.  Furniture moved in.  Move collections from existing building to new building. "The Library: it is a-changin'" by Michael Murray, the Semi, Dec., 1 2008
Jan. 2009 The new section opened on January 5th, 2009.  Renovation began on the existing building.
Jan-April 2009 Annette Weyerhaeuser reading room remodeled.  New computers for student research lab.  Elevator removed from existing building.  Shelving and carpet replaced.  Sprinkler system added on upper floors.  Office space refurbished.
May 18, 2009 Grand opening of the new and renovated sections of the library.  
Article from Fuller News and Events by David Bundy, Howard Wilson and Michael Murray
Articles from Fuller News and Events by Joel Green and Courtney Bacon.
Article about the Legacy of David Allan Hubbard
Fuller Focus article "David Allan Hubbard Library Opens" Spring 2009



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