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Articles in electronic full-text Fuller subscribes to Full-text databases, with tens of thousands of high quality articles.   Databases 
articles are NOT available on the open web, that is you cannot find them by searching Google.  For first time users here is Help with remote access.
eBooks for Fuller students Fuller owns electronic copies of theses from over 100 U.S. seminaries, including some D.Miss. theses.  Search the online catalog in general keyword for: D.Miss. TREN  or search general keyword for: Thesis TREN <and a topic keyword, i.e. lead* or church growth)

Fuller also subscribes to e-book databases such as NetLibrary and IPreach.  The NetLibrary e-books can also be found in the Fuller online catalog.

DMiss Databases Click here for databases and web sites that are particularly relevant to the D.Miss. program.
Help with research Click here for help with your research by phone or email
You may find these Online Research Video Tutorials helpful.
Libraries in your local area Public and University libraries own many books, journals, and eBooks that you may use for course work. 
Many larger public libraries have a surprisingly good religion collection, and almost all offer Interlibrary Loan for books found in WorldCat and for articles when you have a citation from databases.
Most university libraries allow visitors, and many allow check out, perhaps for a small annual fee.  Universities often subscribe to full-text databases different from Fuller's, and often visitors may use those databases. 
Interlibrary Loan options Your local Public Library may offer Interlibrary Loan to card holders.  If you find a specific citation for a book or article, they may be able to get it for you (though dissertations, and other rare books may not be available). 
You don't need to know which libraries own the book or journal. 
The library may charge a small fee; some libraries limit the number of requests you may make in a year.
WorldCat.org With WorldCat.org you may search for a book and find libraries near your IP address or zip code which own a book.  The databases page has a version of WorldCat with more sophisticated searching options and listing holdings of more non-U.S. libraries.
Free eBooks and other online documents There are various free sources on the web.  It's important to consider the quality of the sources: who wrote it and what are their qualifications? when was it written? is it peer reviewed? what perspective are they writing from? 
Full-text from online sites
Suggested Theological and Religious Internet Resources
Electronic full-text (paid by student) You can search for and purchase articles yourself for $10-$50.  However, there are not many theology and religious articles that you can purchase individually online.   More details.
Document delivery from Pasadena As a last resort, Fuller's Pasadena library will send you articles and books from its collection for a fee.  More details.
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