Printing from laptops is available anywhere Fuller Wireless is present. Submitted print jobs will wait for pickup until library's closing time.

Please follow the instructions below to enable printing from your machine!

For those who want to skip the step by step instructions, here are the parameters:

LPD or LPR printer
queue: studentprinter
driver: any PCL5 should work, but we recommend HP LaserJet 4200 PCL5 or PCL6


Add a new local (not network) printer and disable the auto-detect or plug and play feature.
For now, leave the port as LPT1 (default) and click next. Choose HP LasserJet 4200 PCL6 or 5. Name the printer however you see fit, for example "Fuller Library Printer" and do not share it.

After finishing the wizard, right-click the new printer and select Printer Properties or Properties in Windows XP.
Click on the Ports tab, to bring it to front. Click on the "Add Port...) button.
Click Standard TCP/IP port and click "New Port...". This will start a wizard that will collect the necessary information from you.
Ignore the introductory (first page) screen and click Next.
In the Port Name or IP address type:
Press Next. The computer will spend some time trying to detect the port. That is normal.
In the next screen, you have to choose "Custom" and then click on "Settings":


In the Settings window choose LPR, then in the Queue Name field type studentprinter then check the box next to LPR Byte Counting Enabled

Click OK, Next and Finish then close all remaining windows by pressing OK. The configuration is done! Enjoy!


Click on the Apple logo on the top left corner of the screen and click on System preferences
Click on Printers and then click the + sign to add a printer. Choose network printer and type the info below

Installation is done! Enjoy!


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