Reserve Services

What is the Reserve Collection?

There are some basic characteristics of the Reserve Collection.  These characteristics may influence whether and how faculty members and other instructors choose to take advantage of these services.

It is a temporary collection. This is a temporary collection of required readings that is built and dismantled each academic term or session.  It is not to be confused with the Reference Collection, and it is ordinarily not used for a permanent display of books.  If you are a faculty member and your course is taught over two consecutive academic terms, please consult with Information Access Services staff.

It is a collection of required readings.  Please note that the Reserve Collection is not intended to be a display of all possible books that a student might want to study a particular subject.  Rather, the collection should contain only those items that will probably be used by several students during the same time period.  By requesting an item for reserve, you are also requesting that it be taken out of general circulation.  This is a serious measure that should be applied only to high demand items.

The Reserve Collection is located behind the Information Access Services Desk.  The reserve shelves are in a closed area and the materials are available for 2 hour check-out.

Requesting Materials for Reserve.  Faculty members and other instructors, please complete a Reserve Requisition form for each course for which you would like a reserve shelf.  The call number is an essential part of this form, as it enables staff to identify the specific edition needed.  If there are materials you wish the Library to purchase, please submit these purchase requests at least three weeks prior to the start of class.

Placing Personal Items on Reserve.  Faculty members and other instructors, you may place additional items on reserve from your personal collection, but please note that you do so at your own risk; the Library is not responsible for the loss or theft of these materials; also the items from your personal collection will not be available for overnight checkout.  Please note that all photocopied materials must have copyright permission attached.

Loans are permitted on a 2 hour and overnight basis only. We have a uniform loan period for all reserve items for all courses not variable loans for each course (e.g., 3-day loans, 7-day loans, etc.). If high demand and frequent use is not anticipated, then the items should not be placed on reserve.

The Reserve Collection is not a substitute for required textbooks. If you have chosen a required text that turns out to be inordinately expensive, it is not the responsibility of the Library to buy multiple copies because students refuse to purchase the text.

Withdrawing Materials from Reserve. Library staff will remove items from reserve after final exams. Faculty are requested make arrangements to retrieve personal items when the course is finished.

Archived Reserve Lists.  The Library will keep print copies of faculty reserve lists for several years. In addition, the Library's automated system archives faculty reserve lists (from Fall 1997 on), and contains records of library books placed on reserve (not personal copies). Please see the Information Access Services staff if you wish to consult these.

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